Fire the Auburn University Football Coaches!

The Worst Auburn Football Offense in History!

I am starting this blog for the sole purpose to bring about the firing of the Auburn University football coaches.  Starting with the offensive coach and ending with Tuberville.  I have been watching Auburn football for 30 years, and to date this is the worst offense I have ever seen.  Our players are not to blame for the horrible offensive play calling and planning.  The coaches are to blame for the pathetic Auburn offense.

In the coming days, I will setup a petition for anyone to sign calling for the immediate termination of the Auburn football coaches.  For now, I would ask that all Auburn fans consider meeting at the Alabama/Tennessee state line and not allowing a single Auburn coach back into the state of Alabama.

War Eagle!


Franklin fired as Auburn’s offensive coordinator!
October 8, 2008, 4:05 pm
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This is a start!  But, in my opinion, Tuberville will need to be put on short notice.  He hired Franklin, and responsibility lies with him.  Tell me what you think.  Should Tuberville be let go too for hiring such a horrible coach?

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